November 10-15

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ACR Convergence 2023

San Diego, CA

Novartis’ Commitment in Rheumatology

November 12, 2023 from 6:00 pm 8:00 pm PST

Supported By: This program is developed and offered by Novartis US Medical Affairs. This is not an official program of the American College of Rheumatology.

At Novartis, we firmly believe that unity empowers change, and in this spirit, our symposium aims to foster a sense of community among clinicians, researchers, and individuals affected by rheumatic diseases. Together, we can drive meaningful progress in rheumatology care.

Join presenters Dr. Adam Winseck, Dr. Kelly Montalto, and Dr. Antton Egana, as they embark on this journey of knowledge sharing to align on our collective expertise in making meaningful strides toward a brighter future for individuals with rheumatic diseases.

Symposium Objectives:

  • Discover how Novartis is working to create innovative solutions that address the diverse needs of patients and practitioners alike
  • Gain valuable insights into current and emerging trends in the field, empowering you to make informed decisions that elevate patient care and outcomes
  • Delve into the possibilities of future rheumatology treatment with an exploration of our robust clinical trial pipeline, and immerse yourself in the groundbreaking research that holds promise to reshape the way we approach rheumatic diseases

As we come together, we will create a collaborative atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas, experiences, and insights. We understand that by fostering this sense of unity, we can collectively transform the landscape of rheumatology and amplify the impact we have on patients’ lives.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to gather, learn, and envision the future of rheumatology. We look forward to welcoming you to this momentous event!

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) may not be able to offer you food or beverages if you are licensed by a state with a meal limit or prohibition, if you are a government employee or member of a formulary committee, or if your institution or affiliation prohibits your acceptance of a meal from a pharmaceutical industry representative. NPC relies on you to ensure mutual compliance with all applicable laws and policies.

Novartis acts in accordance with the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Health Care Professionals. The PhRMA Code states that inclusion of a health care professional’s spouse or guest at an educational program is not appropriate. Your support of these ethical guidelines will help to provide a high-quality learning environment for all participating health care professionals. Thank you.


Adam Winseck, PhD, MBA
Novartis US Medical Affairs
Medical Team Leader
East Hanover, New Jersey

Antton Egana, MD
Novartis US Medical Affairs
Senior Medical Director
East Hanover, New Jersey

Kelly Montalto, PharmD
Novartis US Medical Affairs
Medical Director
East Hanover, New Jersey