November 10-15

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Research conferences focus on lung, immune-mediated disease


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The ACR’s Committee on Research put together an exceptional cadre of medical experts in a variety of disciplines who were part of the ACR’s Basic Research Conference and Clinical Research Conference on Friday and Saturday.

The Basic Research Conference (BRC) focused on how cellular metabolism regulates immune cell fate and functions within the context of rheumatic diseases. The presentations guided attendees first through the principles of bioenergetics and metabolic homeostasis, and how they are altered in the inflammatory state, drawing examples from cancer, obesity, and inflammatory diseases.

Speakers also addressed the dysregulation of cellular metabolism in rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Throughout the conference, major emphasis was placed on how the understanding of cellular metabolism can be used to reveal novel targets to treat autoimmune diseases.

The Clinical Research Conference (CRC) provided an overview of clinical and research aspects of lung disease in rheumatology. Patients with rheumatic disease have a high risk of lung involvement, and the scope of respiratory problems associated with these disorders is diverse and complex. The clinical and pathophysiologic complexities of systemic autoimmunity as they relate to the lungs were presented and speakers focused on interstitial lung disease and pulmonary hypertension associated with rheumatic diseases, with the goal of helping attendees more effectively evaluate and manage patients with rheumatic lung disease.

Such a gathering of subject matter experts and research leaders provided a perfect platform for thought-provoking discussions, collaboration, and further understanding of research and treatment of rheumatic disease.
Thank you to the conference co-chairs and committee members.

  • Cornelia Weyand, MD, PhD, Stanford University; BRC co-chair
  • Laurence Morel, PhD, University of Florida; BRC co-chair
  • Anne-Marie Malfait, MD, PhD, Rush University Medical Center; Committee on Research, BRC liaison
  • Aryeh Fischer, MD, University of Colorado School of Medicine; CRC co-chair
  • Stephen Mathai, MD, John Hopkins Medicine; CRC co-chair
  • Shervin Assassi, MD, University of Texas Health Science; Committee on Research, CRC liaison