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Keeping with the times: The 2016 Commemorative Gout Print


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The Rheumatology Research Foundation is offering the latest in the Rodnan Commemorative Gout Print series for sale this year at the ACR Discovery Center in the Exhibit Hall.

As both a vintage depiction of gout and a symbol of Foundation support, Rodnan Commemorative Gout Prints are coveted keepsakes of the ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting.

David Karp, MD, PhD

In 1994, the estate of former ACR President Gerald P. Rodnan, MD, graciously gave the Foundation permission to reproduce a limited number of prints from his collection of antique gout artwork. Since then, the Foundation has released a new print each year in honor of the Annual Meeting. Proceeds support the Foundation’s research, training, and education programs.

This year’s print, Leap Year, was selected by former Foundation president David Karp, MD, PhD, of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Karp says he chose Leap Year in part because it “pokes fun at the trouble the British monarchy of the 19th century had with pleasing groups that all wanted money. The veteran with the injured leg seems to be forgotten in peacetime after the War of 1812.” Dr. Karp adds, “Plus, this is 2016 — also a leap year!”

Dr. Karp says that he collects Rodnan Gout Prints because the artwork is fascinating and humorous, depicting gout as the mark of a lavish lifestyle — a popular belief of the time. Though this is no longer thought to be true, this theme, in Dr. Karp’s opinion, adds to the humor of the series.

“I think of the prints as often complicated and humorous works of art — the editorial cartoons of the day,” Dr. Karp said. “Having one or more of the prints in your office is a great way to support the Foundation.”

To purchase Leap Year or any other print from the Rodnan Print Library, please visit the Foundation booth in the ACR Discovery Center, located in the Exhibit Hall.