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Tips for getting the most out of ACR Convergence 2020


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There won’t be the traditional annual meeting app this year, but the meeting platform can be accessed on smart phones, tablets, and computers. The virtual meeting platform will have everything needed to navigate ACR Convergence 2020—schedule of sessions, list of presenters, information on communicating with other attendees through video meetings, and more. The powerful search function allows you to find a session by type, topic, keyword, and more, or find a registered attendant by name, institution, ribbon, volunteer, interest areas, and more.

Advance Access

Advance access opens on Monday, Nov. 2, at 10 a.m. EST, for registered participants to get orientated and practice navigating the virtual meeting site. Get comfortable with all the features before sessions start on Thursday afternoon. Advance access also allows for researching people to connect with during the meeting and building a personal session schedule. The more than 1,700 posters also will be available for viewing.

Maximize the home experience

While the platform is extremely powerful and flexible, each user’s internet bandwidth will affect each person’s meeting experience. So take time before the meeting to improve your internet setup, if needed. Also make sure that other online streaming isn’t taking place while watching ACR Convergence 2020 content to ensure a seamless viewing experience.


The ACR has created a Quick Start Guide to help participants navigate ACR Convergence 2020. The Program Highlights page also has educational videos explaining how this year’s Community Hubs will work.