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Foundation unveils 2017 Commemorative Gout Print


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Eric Matteson, MD, MPH
Eric Matteson, MD, MPH

The Rheumatology Research Foundation is offering the latest in the Rodnan Commemorative Gout Print series for sale in the ACR Discovery Center in the Exhibit Hall. As both a vintage depiction of gout and a symbol of Foundation support, Rodnan Commemorative Gout Prints are coveted keepsakes of the ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting.

This year’s print, “Princely,” was selected by Foundation President Eric Matteson, MD, MPH, of the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Matteson said that the print depicts John Bull, who personifies England in the same way Uncle Sam represents the United States.

“He is described as being bold, plain-dealing, down-to-earth, hard-headed, stout, and fond of ale,” Dr. Matteson said. “Here, he is being looked after for a swollen ankle. The ankle could be sprained or it could just as well be painful due to a gout attack, to which he might be prone due to habitus and habits. The confusion and disorder of his attendants reflects a general confusion and need for better management of this disease even today.”

In 1994, the estate of former ACR President Gerald P. Rodnan, MD, graciously gave the Foundation permission to reproduce a limited number of prints from his collection of antique gout artwork. The Foundation has since released a new print each year in honor of the Annual Meeting.

Dr. Matteson says that Rodnan Commemorative Gout Prints are striking and fun to explain to guests who inquire about their meaning.

“The prints are a symbol of an era, but are relevant even today. They are reminders of how far we have come, yet how far we still have to go in understanding, educating, and managing rheumatologic diseases. I think they are effective representations for the Foundation and support its purpose of advancing treatments and finding cures.”

To purchase “Princely” or any other print from the Rodnan Print Library, please visit the Foundation booth in the ACR Discovery Center, located in the Exhibit Hall. Proceeds support the Foundation’s research, training, and education programs.