Thank you, RheumPAC investors!

With the 2018 election cycle in full swing, we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our RheumPAC investors ($100+) in 2017. RheumPAC has been successful in meeting and engaging more than 96 members of Congress in one-on-one or small group settings, in addition to over 255 Capitol Hill visits. RheumPAC will continue to grow and expand our influence in the coming years with the support of our investors. Thank you to those ACR/ARHP members who made it possible in 2017. Donors as of Oct. 1, 2017:

Leadership INVESTORS ($2,000+)

David Borenstein, MD, Nilsa Cruz, BS, Jody Hargrove, MD, William Harvey, MD, Ed Herzig, MD, Charles King, MD, Karen Kolba, MD, Sharad Lakhanpal, MBBS, MD, Jeffrey Lawson, MD, Gwenesta Melton, MD, Meera Oza, MD, William Palmer, MD, Thalia Ramanujam, MD, Ellison Smith, MD, Angus Worthing, MD, Grace Wright, MD, PhD

Platinum Investors ($1,000+)

Herbert Baraf, MD, Ashley Beall, MD, Michael Brooks, MD, Gary Bryant, MD, Gerald Eisenberg, MD, Lee Doug Graham, MD, Gene Huffstutter, MD, Kent Kwas Huston, MD, Kevin Kempf, MD, Daniel Malone, MD, Alan Matsumoto, MD, Allan Morton, DO, William Robinson, MD, PhD, William St.Clair, MD, Joan Marie Von Feldt, MD, MSEd

Gold Investors ($500+)

Aryeh Abeles, MD, Martin Bergman, MD, Howard Blumstein, MD, Michael Borofsky, MD, David Fox, MD, Gilbert Gelfand, MD, Harry Gewanter, MD, Karla Jones, RN, MS, CPNP, David Karp, MD, PhD, Jonathan Kushi, MD, Erica Lawson, MD, Joseph Lemmer, MD, Robert Levin, MD, William Maier, MD, Douglas Mund, MD, Stephanie Ott, MD, Elizabeth Perkins, MD, Marilynn Punaro, MD, Eric Ruderman, MD, Raymond Scalettar, MD, DSc, Patrick Schuette, MD, FACP, Douglas White, MD, PhD, Richard Yonker, DO

Silver Investors ($250+)

Abby Abelson, MD, Irene Blanco, MD, Jurgen Craig-Muller, MD, Bruce Cronstein, MD, Chad Deal, MD, Deborah Desir, MD, Kenneth DesRosier, MD, James Engelbrecht, MD, Alan Epstein, MD, Mitchell Feinman, MD, FACP, CPI, Ira Fenton, DO, John FitzGerald, MD, PhD, Joseph Flood, MD, David Greenblatt, MD, Emily Isaacs, MD, Dannette Johnson, MD, Raphael Kieval, MD, Marisa Klein-Gitelman, MD, MPH, Ami Kothari, MD, Robert Koval, MD, Joseph Laukaitis, MD, Bonita Libman, MD, Emily Marx, MD, Eric Matteson, MD, Jennifer May, MD, Zsuzsanna McMahan, MD, Ted Mikuls, MD, Sandra Mintz, BSN, Chris Morris, MD, Mohan Penmetcha, MD, Christian Rhea, DO, Roy “Chap” Sampson, MD, Anupama Sharma, MD, Nora Singer, MD, Jayashree Sinha, MD, Padmapriya Sivaraman, MD, Brett Smith, DO, Terence Starz, MD, Karina Torralba, MD, MMed, Audrey Uknis, MD, Katherine Upchurch, MD, Kelly Weselman, MD

Bronze Investors ($100+)

Chris Adams, MD, Emem Adolf-Ubokudom, MD, Stacy Ardoin, MD, Robert Ashman, MD, Janet Bahr, ANP, BC, Alfonso Bello, MD, MHS, Jeffry Bieber, MD, Joel Block, MD, Reuven Bromberg, MD, Leigh Callahan, PhD, Cecilia Chung, MD, MPH, William Davis, MD, Yoel Drucker, MD, Elana Eisner, MD, Polly Ferguson, MD, Adam Goode, PT, DPT, PhD, Afton Hassett, PsyD, Suzan House, PT, DPT, PhD, Evelyn Hsieh, MD, MPH, Paul Katzenstein, MD, Gail Kerr, MD, FRCP, Fotios Koumpouras, MD, Bharat Kumar, MD, Kristine Lohr, MD, MHS, Dana Mandel, DO, Daksha Mehta, MD, Jay Mehta, MD, Kaleb Michaud, PhD, Kenneth Miller, MD, Matthew Mundwiler, MD, Midori Jane Nishio, MD, ChinYoung Park, MD, Alejandra, Rodriguez-Paez, MD, Christopher Ronkar, MD, Edward Rose, MD, Tamar Rubinstein, MD, Natasha Ruth, MD, MS, Elizabeth Schlenk, PhD, RN, Lori Siegel, MD, Neil Sullivan, MD, Heather Van Mater, MD, MS, Jill Vargo, MD, Zachary Wallace, MD