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ACR awards international travel scholarships to seven attendees


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15_ACR_D3_S1_Pg26_PANLARThe ACR provided travel scholarships to rheumatologists from Central and South America to attend the 2015 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting. The program, now in its fourth year, gives rheumatologists from lower-income countries the opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting so they can expand their knowledge and improve patient care in their countries.

The program is funded by the ACR and supported by the PANLAR network, which distributes the opportunity to each of its national member associations. The physicians apply and are selected by the PANLAR executive committee.

This year’s scholarship recipients:

  • Valeria Scaglioni, MD
  • Roberto Iván Acosta Hernández, MD
    El Salvador
  • Maya Jazmín Chacón Perez, MD
  • Víctor Alejandro Cuéllar Cruz, MD
  • Lourdes Graciela Román Ruiz Diaz, MD
  • Fanny Pamela Uriol Martinez, MD
  • Ismely Paulino Izquierdo, MD
    Dominican Republic