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Diversity resides at the core of medical excellence


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Marc A. Nivet, EdD, MBA
Marc A. Nivet, EdD, MBA

Diversity is a driver of excellence in medicine, but for it to be operationalized, a reboot of mindset and an upgrade in systems, structures, and policies are required.

Marc A. Nivet, EdD, MBA, executive vice president for institutional advancement, UT Southwestern Medical Center, will share ways to improve diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts during Diversity & Inclusion: Examine the Effects of Unconscious Bias. The session will be shown for the first time Saturday, Nov. 7, from 5 – 6 p.m. EST and feature a live question-and-answer session. The session will be available for on-demand viewing through March 11, 2021.

To frame the discussion, Dr. Nivet will share the concept of “Diversity Operating System, 3.0,” or “DOS  3.0.” The idea is similar to that of a software upgrade and he will take the audience through the DOS 1.0 mindset, which can be summed up as diversity competes against excellence, to the current DOS 2.0 mindset, which is diversity is parallel to excellence.

He will make the argument that a parallel track is not sufficient and a move to DOS 3.0 is required, where diversity is core to excellence.

Dr. Nivet will open the session by defining some of the common terms around diversity and inclusion. Diversity by itself doesn’t automatically equate to something positive and good, he noted, but it takes a culture of inclusion to make diversity positive.

Dr. Nivet’s talk will also touch on the important role everybody plays in improving the health of the public.

“I’m trying to reshape the thinking about the broader impact that healthcare providers can have when they start leveraging an equity mindset and become more aware of their own biases,” he said.