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Foundation launches $75M campaign to transform rheumatology


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Transformation to come by investing in high-risk, high-reward research, cultivating future generations of rheumatology professionals, and improving patient care

The Rheumatology Research Foundation officially launched its third and most ambitious fundraising campaign today, with a goal of raising $75 million over five years. The campaign, called Leading Boldly: Transforming Rheumatology, focuses on three priorities: research, training, and patient care.

“Everything we do—from supporting groundbreaking research and scholarship, to providing students and residents with a transformative educational experience, and the patients that are subsequently served with the highest quality care—is about making a positive impact in the field of rheumatology,” said Mary Wheatley, executive director of the Foundation. “Supporting that goal together helps ensure a better future for all rheumatology professionals and millions of patients affected by rheumatic diseases. Through partnerships and collaborations with other health care leaders, we are working to transform rheumatology by advancing solutions that foster the continued development of new treatments and therapies, cultivating future generations of rheumatology professionals, and providing patients with access to the most innovative treatments.”

Planning for the Leading Boldly campaign started early last year as the Foundation identified campaign leaders, already receiving philanthropic support from several Corporate Roundtable members. AbbVie, Amgen, and Pfizer are among the pharmaceutical industry leaders who have joined the dynamic partnership in support of Leading Boldly.

“AbbVie’s continued support of the Rheumatology Research Foundation represents our shared goal to make a remarkable impact on the lives of patients with rheumatic diseases,” said Jim Salanty, vice president, U.S. Rheumatology, AbbVie. “We are honored to be a partner of the Leading Boldly campaign support of innovative research and training opportunities to help revolutionize care in the field of rheumatology.”

Amgen, Inc., is also an integral supporter of the Foundation’s awards and grants program.

“As a long-time partner of the Rheumatology Research Foundation, we are thrilled to support the new campaign and continue to help drive advancements that positively affect patient outcomes,” said Helen Jordan, vice president and general manager, Inflammation and Nephrology at Amgen.

The campaign’s goal is to lead the way in tackling rheumatology’s challenges by focusing on transforming three major challenges to the rheumatology workforce and patients: research, training, and patient care. Leading Boldly addresses these three areas by investing in high-risk, high-reward research that accelerates treatments and cures for patients, increasing education and training opportunities to satisfy the growing demand for highly educated rheumatology professionals, and putting more rheumatology professionals in the labs studying rheumatic diseases and more rheumatology health professionals in offices treating patients to meet the growing demand for patient care.

By convening partners in academia, medicine, industry, and philanthropy, the Foundation leads the way in tackling rheumatology’s challenges and working toward discoveries that could impact the lives of millions of patients. Together, we have the opportunity to make great strides in our shared mission, but the need is ongoing. Join us as we embark on a transformational initiative to shift the landscape of rheumatology.