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Interactive Thieves Market to Challenge Attendees with Complicated Cases


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Fascinating clinical cases with dynamic imagery take center stage in Thieves Market: Show Me Your Best Cases! Two interactive sessions — one featuring adult cases and one featuring pediatric cases — will be presented Tuesday, Nov. 14. Adult cases will be featured starting at 2 p.m. PT in Room 6A–B of the San Diego Convention Center, and pediatric cases will be featured starting at 4 p.m. in the same room.

Curry Koening MD, MS
Curry Koening MD, MS

“It’s a fun and exciting program where trainees have the spotlight focused on themselves and have an opportunity to present complicated and interesting cases. It’s a question-and-answer-based theme presentation where the audience is not supposed to know the answer to the case until the very end,” said Curry Koening, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas Dell Medical School, and one of the moderators for the adult session.

“Every case is different. One case might feature a typical presentation of a rare disease, while another is a rare presentation of common disease. Perhaps it’s a case that discusses an unusual side effect of a medication or an illness that mimics a rheumatologic diagnosis,” said Dr. Koening.

Hanna Kim, MD, MS, Assistant Clinical Investigator and head of the Juvenile Myositis Pathogenesis and Therapeutics Unit at the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, National Institutes of Health, a moderator for the pediatric session, said the cases selected are relatable to providers, and have relevant laboratory studies and imaging to support the case.

Hanna Kim, MD, MS
Hanna Kim, MD, MS

“These sessions are nice because they’re always interactive,” she said. “There’s always audience involvement questions along the way to make you think about how you would approach the case and what you can learn from the case and apply to your own patients at home.”

Both Thieves Market sessions are open to all ACR Convergence 2023 participants to attend. They will be available on demand for registered participants within 24 hours on the meeting website.

More than 200 adult and pediatric cases were submitted this year, and cases are selected for both oral and poster presentation.


If you weren’t able to attend a session in person during ACR Convergence 2023, you haven’t missed out. All registered meeting participants receive on-demand access to scientific sessions through October 31, 2024.